When we think of living legends, we think of people who are the best. Specimens of human perfection to some extent. Well with paintball, we have a great deal of players who have built reputations on and off the field for not just their skills on the field, but who also are willing to go out of their way to help new players and grow the sport through media, and other ways. I’ve recently had the honor to kind of revisit some work with two old friends that are now generals on opposing sides of this years Living Legends 6.


   Name: Steve (Necro) Kaltenbach
   Team Affiliation: SAS Woodsball
    LL6 Team: Horde
    Marker(s) of choice: Any Mag-Fed marker Right now my primary is a MILSIG

                                       Name: Andre "WOLF" Critchlow
                            Team Affiliation: The Northern Gunmen
                                           LL6 Team: The NEW EMPIRE

                                       Marker(s) of choice: DYE D.A.M

SM: You’ve both played among the teams at past Living Legend games, how dose those experiences help with your new roles as the generals commanding the two factions?

SK: In every way you can think of. Playing on the field year after year you learn more and more. You meet so many different types of paintballers yet you still relate to everyone. This leads to more friendships working and playing together. You will also learn how devastating only one player can be on the field.

AC: I have played on Teams, and have been a General, the Combination of experiences have enabled me to be ready for the Experience, and appreciate every single player on the field.

SM: Both of you are known for being out in front and at times leading a charge in games, is their a chance of seeing that happen again at ll6?

SK: Hell yes! It boosts moral gets people pumped and confidant.

AC: Absolutely, I requested that Generals not be worth too many Extra points so we could Both take part in the fights, part of the reason I was chosen is that people wanted to play WITH me, not just have me order them around.

SM: Both of you are using the latest magazine fed markers to come on the market. As such, what makes these particular markers your guns of choice?

SK: I own almost every brand and model on the market. I use what fits my mood at the time I go out. People need to buy and use what fits their style.

AC: The DAM is the perfect combination of Mag fed marker, and Hopper fed system, it is capable of causing destruction in both formats, and is very diverse, I've played in every game scenario, this fits that description!

SM: Both of you have played with hopper fed guns in the past, how dose these new magazine fed guns help you and what makes it a game changer for better or worse?

SK: I've been using mag-fed markers now for a few years. They feel more natural since that's what I’m used to from real firearms. I find working harder for my eliminations is far more rewarding than dumping paint. I had to earn it every time I eliminate a player.

AC: Its changing the game for the Better, when there is less and pray situations it increases your skill set exponentially, it makes you choose your shots as a player, this is not speedball where you have minutes to play, and can use 8 pods in 5 minutes, players can be in the bush fighting for hours, and the ability to be able to aim, and choose your shots can mean the difference between running out of ammo and Loosing an objective, or staying the course, and winning a Game

SM: What was your reaction when you both learned that you’d be generals at ll6?

SK: I was honored that I was even considered. I was one of the 5 commanders at LL4, LL5 under Wolfs command. It was a lot of work and very busy. I had 3 radios on me all the time, it gets crazy! I accepted the position of general this year before I knew I would be against my boy Wolf. I will say that we are good friends and out to make this fun for everyone. If you're paying close attention you may find us on the field together chit chatting and hanging out.

AC: I was Honoured, its a Great Compliment to be chosen to lead Legends, its also humbling too have people following you, some of which know more about the game then you do can be intimidating, but I respect all who play with me, and have been shown the same respect, its a glorious occasion.

SM: Since I’ve brought up your experiences and past with Living Legends, what was is like your first time at Living Legends?

SK: My first impression was how organized and professional everybody was. I go to as many Viper games as I possibly can. There always some of the best games I've ever played.

AC: It was Amazing, my team The Gunmen brought me out when i was just becoming Popular, I met a lot of my hero's who have all become friends, and the final battle was an Experience like NO OTHER, the amazing teamwork and friendships built my first time out was a greatest moment in my life!

SM: For all those players that will be heading to Living Legends for the first time, is their any advice you can give to help them have the best experience?

SK: The first thing I would say is don't get tied up on just winning the game. Don't burn yourself out. We are there to have fun and if you're not having fun you personally come see me.

AC: Bring EXTRA of everything, especially water, extra cash for things you didn't expect, and PLEASE come and say hi to Steve and I, even though we look busy, we want to meet as many of you as possible, even if your not on our side, its all about playing with family, and having Fun!

SM: With the latest advances and the resurgence of the milsim aspect of the game, how do you guys think this has helped the sport?

SK: Me coming from the woodsball background I love it. I love the fact watching entire family's come play together as well as vets. Its VERY hard to get the whole family on a speedball field.

AC: It’s made it Bigger and Better! a lot of people are intimidated by speedball, in woodsball, you don’t have to be a top of the line athlete, I play with young and Old, men and women, disabled have come out in wheel chairs, and the blind have had their partners lead them, its a wonderful sport we ALL can play!

SM: With mag fed picking up, do you guys see the possibility of a mag fed division in professional level paintball, why or why not?

SK: This is a very good question. I think there is a big possibility it can, look at pump for example.

AC: I don’t see why not, it would be an Awesome challenge, big money would not be made in paint, but with the right set up, the strategic aspect could be Awesome!

Steve and Andre (Necro and Wolf), these are two players that have earned the respect of players on every field they have set foot on. These two have built reputations on the field for being honorable players who through their conduct on the field have set the standard for others to follow. These men have built their reputations as skilled players who are up front and lead the same way. These men are not wealthy by financial standards. Yet when you peel back the gear, the reputations, and the aura of bad ass that they project, they are two guys that are proud hard working single fathers who have made goods friends the world over. So in essence, they can be considered rich by that standard.

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